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The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Optimizing PET and SPECT technology
A look around at some of the newest technology entering the market
Good planning — especially during a pandemic — is key in mobile imaging projects
A look at the trends impacting mobile and modular imaging utilization in the U.S.
What could we have done differently? PPE supply chain lessons from COVID-19
Leaders share insights on shortages faced by healthcare providers and the lessons they hope the industry will take away

Getting ahead in HTM
Discover the skills, advice, and personality traits that leaders in the industry say make all the difference for becoming a successful team leader


Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with SIIM chair-elect Dr. Marc Kohli
Get to know the imaging informatics expert, and the benefits of getting involved with the leading imaging informatics society

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with Robert Jensen, president and CEO of AAMI
Discover how AAMI is leaning into online platforms to keep HTM professionals safe, informed and at the top of their trade

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with SNMMI incoming president Alan Packard
With a robust virtual meeting coming up, we learn about the initiatives SNMMI will be focusing on in the coming year, and the key topics shaping molecular imaging

Future Of...

The future of biomedical engineering
Insights from Paul Frisch, chief of biomedical physics & engineering at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Amy Kavalewitz and Danny Blacker of Rice University
Sharing design plans for DIY ventilators free online for facilities facing critical shortages

HTM Perspectives

Health technology (team!) management
The importance of a teamwork mentality in clinical engineering

Leadership Matters

Safely working via remote access
As more healthcare employees find themselves working from home, remote access security concerns take center stage

Supply Chain

How COVID-19 broke the supply chain
When decreasing production and export levels meet increased global demand
Philips Multi-Vendor Service — Clinical assets readiness, and more
Discover how Philips MVS has positioned itself as an invaluable resource for providers
The secret to the ultimate biomed cart
Mass General CBET Scot Mackeil shares insight on the 'needed' and the 'nice-to-haves'
Tips for ensuring the cybersecurity of PACS
With over 55% of imaging devices currently running outdated versions of Windows, PACS are a common entry point for bad actors
A call for standardization in enterprise imaging
Progress and challenges in efforts to bring down silos for faster, smarter and more coordinated care delivery
In device sterilization, education is the first line of defense
Exploring the distinctions between high-level disinfection and sterilization
Theranostics continues to gain momentum
Milestones and reasons to be excited about the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
HTM Product Showcase
A look around at some of the most exciting new solutions for clinical engineers
SNMMI Product Showcase
A look around at some of the most exciting new solutions in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
Are your biomeds ISO certified?
Certified servicers, like those at ReNew Biomedical, are a must for your medical technology