Over 150 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - CA 05/31

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    The August Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    New brands, proven experts lead a new era in the CT tube market
    The CT market has changed a lot over the last couple years
    Comparing the value propositions of multi-vendor and ISO service
    Similar benefits, but not quite the same
    Understanding the cost impact of healthcare consolidation
    What distinguishes a 'good' merger from a 'bad' one?

    Beyond silver, gold and platinum: How OEM service is getting more customized
    Manufacturers aim to give providers everything they want, nothing more

    Columns & Sections

    Q&A with Dennis Durmis, senior vice president, Head of Americas Region, Bayer Radiology

    Exclusive Q&A
    Why basic third-party regulations are not about business - but patient safety

    Biomedical perspectives: Q&A with Paul Frisch

    Exclusive Q&A
    Insights on equipment maintenance and purchasing, and the evolution of HTM

    The future of equipment upgrades

    Future of Healthcare
    Satrajit Misra, vice president of Marketing and Strategic Development, Canon Medical Systems Inc., on what lengthening replacement cycles mean for providers

    Q&A with David Entwistle, president and CEO, Stanford Health Care

    Hospital Spotlight
    What does a location in Silicon Valley mean for a leading academic medical center?

    The promise of AI (part one)

    IT Matters
    Big picture insights from Dr. Luciano Prevedello

    Beyond service: Life cycle management

    Purchasing Insights
    MD Buyline insights from the recent AAMI meeting

    Costs, revenue, risks: The evolving service market

    Purchasing Insights
    Service has become a key target for lowering equipment costs

    Is a CT tube crisis on the horizon?

    As more scanners enter the market, will tubes be sufficiently available?

    Bringing a higher standard to standardization at AAMI

    Saved Care New England over $650,000, continuing standardization there

    Elevating HTM out of the basement

    Seven tips to demonstrate the value of your team to the organization

    Medical Museum August Gibson Spoon

    Another visit to Dr. Blaufox’s Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts

    Bright ideas from an HTM peer-learning session

    Lessons learned in Long Beach at AAMI

    Understanding total cost of ownership

    Making sense of costs less tangible than a sticker price

    Let’s stop the dangerous waiting game

    Patrick Hope discusses the need for stricter third-party regulations