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The July Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Cuidado paciente: “Crea en el lactato”
Fighting sepsis with HIT.
Informe especial: Los nuevos estándares del control de la infección llaman para los acercamientos de alta tecnología
Can technology help hospitals prepare for more stringent infection control protocols?
Exclusiva: Tendencias fantasmas de la charla de los fabricantes
"I think the future is in custom phantoms because of these combined modalities like PET/MR and SPECT/CT."

Informe especial: Fuerzas que ensamblan contra la regla del mantenimiento del CMS
The Joint Committee, biomeds and hospitals form a strong front to challenge CMS' enforcement of long-ignored guidelines.
Informe especial: El probar de los datos del Defibrillator crítico
Small improvements make a big difference in new defibrillators

Informe especial: Las bombas de la infusión incorporan la edad de la integración
Benefits of EMR-infusion pump integration more widely understood


5 tips for keeping your infusion pumps pumping
Experts infuse some knowledge.
Only you can stop the solution pollution
A toxin is destroying health care.
It's hard out there for a private practice
Tough times for medical offices.
Advice from the experts: defibrillators
Tips to take charge of your defibrillators care
Medical Museum: July 2012 - Sputum cup
This month's selection dates from the early 1900s.