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The February Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Q&A con los campos de Willa, silla del tablero de HIMSS
Fields talks about her experience with HIMSS, the show and more.
Informe especial del GOLPE: Etapa significativa 2 del uso
Many facilities feel some apprehension about stage 2 requirements.
10 deber-tienen los apps para la proyección de imagen médica
There are almost 1 million apps. Here are 10 you should use.

Informe especial: PACS/RIS es listo para una revolución
Can PACS bring departments and health care systems together as its own future remains unclear?
Informe especial: Actualizaciones de la batalla del CR y del dr
The reports of CR’s end remain greatly exaggerated.
Informe especial: mercado portable de la radiografía 2013
Market shakeups may allow more facilities to carry the latest technology.


Future Of...

Dr. Stanley Goldsmith on the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
Dr. Stanley Goldsmith shares his predictions for our monthly "future of" column.
A digital-based specialty deals with EHR adoption
Letter from the online editor: February 2013
Medical Museum: February
PACS in 2013: Rise of the middleware market
Adoption of third-party products grows as radiologists look to make "best-of-breed" IT environments.
Show preview: HIMSS13 -- Covering IT all
What's hot at the biggest Health IT show of the year.
Does your biomed department have what it needs?
In an era of reduced budgets, remote support may offer a solution.
7 tips to keep your portable X-ray equipment profitable
Tips from the experts: Portable X-rays
February's new product showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Red pill, anyone?
Letter from the editor for February 2013.