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The August Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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El mercado restaurado se carga para arriba
For companies like Dixie Medical, a seller of refurbished defibrillators, business is booming– its business was up by 25 percent last year.
Informe especial: Los hospitales están en la reparación
Hospitals are taking steps to successfully control HAIs

Informe especial: Los esterilizadores limpian para arriba
As economic woes lengthen the product replacement cycle, sterilizers go green.
Informe especial: La caja para el híbrido O
Nationwide, hospitals are investing millions in hybrid rooms. Should yours? What to know before you decide.

Las nuevas ayudas del tech previenen desgracias quirúrgicas
Dr. Jeffrey Port explains how new tech can help prevent the retained surgical item problem.


Nationwide, drug shortages affect anesthesiologists
In a recent survey, 90 percent of anesthesiologists said they were facing a drug shortage.
Cross your fingers at check-in
The number of medical errors occurring during hospitals stays remain higher than expected.

Benefits of outsourced cleaning for critical care facilities
With the ever-growing risk of multi-drug resistant organisms, proper surface cleaning and disinfection are becoming more important.
The stars are bright . . .
The 2011 AHRA meeting runs this week in Texas.