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The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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El cuidado médico va a la escuela
To meet growing needs in health care, colleges and universities are working hard to boost their number of graduates.

Vida sin helio
Experts are after the government to revisit policies that are a little too light on helium usage.
Informe especial sobre MRI: Hacer más con menos
MRI offers a classic business challenge for today’s health care providers
La tapa inclina para conseguir la mayoría de la vida de sus bobinas de MRI
Experts share strategies on how to keep your coils lasting longer.


Electronic image access plays vital role in pre- and post-operative care at bariatric center of excellence
Bariatric surgery has generally become a safe and effective method for treating morbid obesity.
This Month in Medical History: The bloody history of James Blundell
193 years ago, the first well-documented human-to-human blood transfusion was performed.
3 tips for buying a digital CR
Replacing aging X-ray systems can be tricky. One large Indiana hospital that recently swapped out end-of-lease computed radiography equipment discovered these helpful strategies for would-be X-ray buyers.