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    The April Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Informe especial: Inyectores y agentes del contraste
    They might have a brighter future than you think.
    Q&A con el Kelly del CEO Juan de IDN
    The IDN Summit & Reverse Expo gets underway this month.

    Informe especial: los C-brazos hacen pivotar en nuevos papeles
    From outpatient facilities to hybrid ORs, C-arms are helping move health care into a new era.

    Columns & Sections

    What to expect when expecting next-generation PACS

    Have we reached the next generation of PACS?

    Transfusion set

    This month's Medical Museum piece

    April's New Product Showcase

    This month's roundup of the latest industry products.

    Questioning "business as usual"

    Letter from the editor for April 2013.

    Keep mobile C-arms on the move

    4 tips from the experts.

    Q&A with Beaumont Health System's Tom Brisse

    The executive vice president of operations explains his longevity with the company and what keeps him excited for the future.

    Special report: The cath angio lab

    Incoming technology promises to make special procedures more spectacular.

    Dr. Eric Topol on the future of patient/physician relationships

    Dr. Topol explains why the relationship between physicians and patients is changing.