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The January Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Informe especial: Los compradores restaurados de CT van de nuevo a fundamentos
A sluggish economy drives more hospitals to use existing CT systems.
El Brasil engaña fabricantes médicos del equipo
Brazil’s growing economy makes it attractive to device makers, but the country is off-limits to secondhand dealers.
Salud árabe 2012: Una ojeada del chivato detrás de la lona
The Arab Health Congress continues to be the must-attend in the Middle East.

Informe especial: A pesar de reveses, flores del mercado de CT
After a lull, interest in CT equipment "revs" back up.
Informe especial: Los tubos de radiografía sostienen constantemente
X-ray tubes hold steady as image intensifiers continue to fade away


Money Health

Top 6 most desirable qualities of equipment service providers
Google "MRI" and you will pull up a plethora of service providers, all claiming to be the best. What qualities should you insist on as a consumer?

This Month in Medical History

Dr. Emil Grubbe: The first X-ray martyr
This Month in Medical History looks at the sacrifices of an early X-ray pioneer.
Medical Museum - January
X-ray Tube, Transformer circa 1900.
Letter from the Editor: January 2012
Something Old, Something New