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GE Healthcare's Paul Amberg offers advice on improving equipment utilization in a radiology department.

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The traveling nurse industry can help alleviate the burnout occurring among an overextended workforce.

Cutting costs in cancer therapy: evidence-based practices

Can evidence-based programs decrease the costs of cancer care?

When bills are making hospital accountants sick

DSOs might help ease billing hassles.

Transcription services enable hospitals to dictate the savings

This report originally appeared in the September 2010 issue of DOTmed Business News

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In a bad economy, smart equipment management can help hospitals save big. A DOTmed Business News exclusive Money Health report.

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A Hint of Things to Come?

A trend toward greater regulatory oversight may chill industry.

Go East, Young Man?

Is China's mega 850-billion-yuan health care stimulus plan, coupled with a massive population beginning to succumb to Western diseases, a miracle for U.S. medical device makers, or a mirage?

Strategies for the New Economic Season

A news analysis from the pages of DOTmed Business News.

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How Will Medicare Reform Impact Providers?

A DOTmed Business News columnist comments on CMS and reform issues.

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