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Parts Hunter + EasyPaySM
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Use this tool to easily find any parts you need - For Free!

Describe what you need, and we will notify multiple DOTmed Gold Parts Vendors (GPVs) that carry the parts you want. You will receive offers on your Parts Hunter Offer Page. You pay nothing to use the system and vendors pay a 5% commission to DOTmed only if you select them for purchase.

It’s this easy:

DOTmed Contacts the Gold Parts Vendors

The Gold Parts Vendors Contact you

Choose your Vendor, close the Deal, receive your Part

Are you a Health Care Provider?
Pay with DOTmed EasyPay, "A better way to pay" — You can buy parts from any GPV dealer using DOTmed’s single-point EasyPay service.

Don't Want To Wait? — A one-time credit authorization between your facility and DOTmed is all you need to have the Part you need ship as soon as you choose the seller. Then you simply issue a purchase order. Never wait for vendor approval again.

Don't Want To Fill Out A Credit App? - That's OK. You can still use DOTmed EasyPay. Once DOTmed receives payment, the Part will ship from the seller you have chosen.

You can also choose to pay the Seller directly, if you wish.

Want To Sell Your Parts?

It's Easy

  1. Se convierte Parts Hunter un vendedor: díganos los tipos de piezas que usted almacena y venda. Usted puede poner al día sus categorías en cualquier momento.
  2. When Buyers post a matching Part Request you will be notified. You can then make an offer and include DOTmed's 5% commission.
  3. The Buyer chooses the best offer at any time. If you are chosen DOTmed charges the 5% and introduces you to the Buyer
  4. You and the Buyer then complete the transaction.
  5. Look for a follow up email 7 days after the transaction asking Buyer and Seller to rate each other on DOTmed.com.

¿Tenga un inventario grande de las piezas? ¡- Envíenoslo y upload lo para usted!

You can see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to sell to buyers using EasyPay? - Become a Gold Parts Vendor.