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Study finds increase in radiology practice consolidation
As number of radiologists is increasing, number of practices is decreasing
Hospital-based X-ray volumes dropped 16% from 2020 to 2023
New IMV analysis also highlights operational efficiencies across facility sizes
TruePortable Mobile X-ray System by JPI Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
JPI Healthcare Solutions: Over 40 Years of Revolutionizing the Imaging Industry.
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Varex Q2 revenue down 10% year-over-year
As sales in China lagged, medical segment totaled $149 million
Mobile CT program in NYC shows promise in boosting lung cancer screening in urban settings
Trailer was strategically located near public transportation and housing projects
FDA puts Philips on notice for CT and ultrasound manufacturing facility
Facility in China found to have 'significant noncompliance' during inspection
Canon Medical installs its third photon-counting CT
Hiroshima University in Japan will conduct clinical research using the system
How can radiologists take action on climate change?
New report outlines strategies for imaging departments
Patient falls from CT table, files lawsuit against Connecticut provider
Fractured ribs and vertebrae in her neck, according to the lawsuit
Arineta installs novel SpotLight Duo cardiothoracic CT at Texas health system
The world's first CT to image the entire heart and cardiovascular system in a single heartbeat
Detection Technology unveils two thin-film transistor (TFT) detectors for mobile C-arms
X-Panel 2323z FDM and X-Panel 3030z FDM leverage IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technologies
Viewing the imaging market — Interventional X-ray and angiography
Insights from the market experts at symplr
GE HealthCare closes MIM Software deal
Will integrate quantitation with image analysis for different medical disciplines
New study says performance boost with AI not uniform across individual radiologists
More personalized AI tools essential for consistent accuracy
Micro-X developing smaller, lightweight, and less costly head CT for mobile stroke care
Scanner is less than 70 kg, easier to deploy, and less costly
Canon Medical installs its second photon-counting CT, initiates Dutch clinical study at RUMC
Research has already confirmed the scanner's improved spatial resolution


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