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Canon Medical Systems installs the first U.S. market Aquilion Serve SP CT Scanner with INSTINX workflow automation

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | May 01, 2024 CT X-Ray
TUSTIN, Calif., May 1, 2024 — Canon Medical Systems proudly announces the debut installation of the Aquilion Serve SP CT scanner with INSTINX, AI-driven workflow automation, in the United States at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI), Las Vegas, NV. The Aquilion Serve SP CT scanner combines top-tier imaging capabilities with enhanced efficiency, consistency, and throughput, setting a new standard in medical imaging technology. Boasting AI technologies and a redesigned workflow for simplified scanning, the Aquilion Serve SP is engineered to fulfill diverse clinical needs.

Canon and SDMI are committed to enhancing patient care pathways, elevating patient experiences, and improving overall care quality through innovative, intelligent, and accessible technology solutions. Dr. Mark Winkler, President and Founding Partner of SDMI, stated, “The integration of Canon’s Serve SP and workflow automation represents a strategic evolution, extending their foundational strengths beyond AI-powered image quality into the realm of AI-powered workflow enhancement. Additionally, intelligent examination protocols and workflow automation ensure rapid scan planning and maintain consistent, high-quality imaging, while also providing personalized low radiation doses tailored to individual patients.”

Equipped with INSTINX AI-assisted total workflow experience, the Aquilion Serve SP CT scanner delivers fast and comprehensive imaging, facilitating confident diagnoses while optimizing efficiency and consistency. Its patient-centric design includes easy and safe positioning and a spacious gantry bore, ensuring patient comfort and care and potentially alleviating discomfort during scans.
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“Canon Medical Systems is pleased to introduce the Aquilion Serve SP CT scanner, a testament to our dedication to advancing healthcare through meaningful innovation,” said Satrajit Misra, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Canon Medical Systems. “With INSTINX workflow automation, we empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care with improved efficiency and precision.”

Canon’s steadfast commitment to healthcare technology innovation drives continuous advancements that significantly impact patient care and operational efficiency. By offering intelligent, accessible imaging solutions with automated dose reduction capabilities and enhanced patient safety features, Canon Medical Systems continues to lead in the healthcare technology industry.

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