Medical Equipment Industry News

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Molecular Imaging

RadioMedix and Curium announce FDA approval of PET agent for neuroendocrine tumors
A copper Cu 64 dotatate injection with a 12.7-hour half-life
Mirion Technologies acquires Biodex Medical Systems
Deal will enhance Mirion's existing portfolio of radiation safety solutions
RLS acquires GE Healthcare's radiopharmacy network
Makes RLS the largest pure molecular imaging focused firm
As COVID-19 hampers radioisotope supply chain, Australia charters delivery flights
ANSTO invests over $250,000 into ensuring nuclear medicine agents are reaching patients
Personalizing radiation dosage with just a single, nuclear scan
May tailor treatments based on an individual’s physiology
Landmark study finds Alzheimer's PET scans may not yield significant cost savings
Failure to reduce hospitalizations by 10% may hurt chances for Medicare coverage
New, easily-produced theranostic agents effective for prostate cancer
A Phase 1 imaging-based clinical trial for the agents is being planned
Shared Medical Services deploys first mobile digital PET/CT systems in US
Bringing advanced cancer detection technology to rural communities
Private radiologists struggling to stay afloat amid COVID-19
Seeing 40% – 90% decreases in examination volumes
US imaging volumes plummet 55% amid COVID-19 pandemic
New study confirms imaging volume losses of 50% – 70% at healthcare facilities
Detecting metastatic cancer with total-body PET scans
Reveals tissue behavior, can better visualize and characterize tumors
As cancer imaging ramps up in academic settings, local US communities lack access
First analysis to use national claims database to quantify oncologic diagnostic imaging examinations
Virtual SNMMI showcases virtual technology on the exhibit floor
A look around at the 'new normal' for industry trade shows
Nuclear medicine physicians break down COVID-19 game plan at SNMMI
Insights from the front lines at Mount Sinai in New York
At virtual annual meeting, SNMMI president encourages continued collaboration
Stressed the need for early recruitment of medical students into the specialty
Lantheus and Progenics complete merger
Creating a more diversified diagnostics and therapeutics portfolio
SNMMI Product Showcase
A look around at some of the most exciting new solutions in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
Theranostics continues to gain momentum
Milestones and reasons to be excited about the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging