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Health center in Canada to acquire a StarGuide SPECT/CT scanner by GE HealthCare

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | June 04, 2024 Molecular Imaging
(Halifax, Nova Scotia – Monday, June 3, 2024) Nova Scotia Health’s QEII Health Sciences Centre is the first health centre in Canada to acquire a StarGuide SPECT/CT scanner by GE HealthCare. The innovative nuclear medicine scanner uses 3-D imaging that can help physicians in diagnosing and treating certain diseases, like cancer and heart disease, with enhanced precision. Access to this new technology can help empower physicians for more accurate diagnoses and informed treatment options for patients.

The $6 million project is being equally funded by QEII Foundation donors and Nova Scotia Health. The QEII Foundation is actively raising $3 million to support the acquisition of two StarGuide scanners as part of the Foundation’s $100-million We Are campaign. The first StarGuide arrived in late May and the first patient will undergo imaging on the scanner by mid-June. The second scanner is currently scheduled to arrive in 2025.

StarGuide represents an advancement in nuclear medicine imaging, offering a 12 CZT detector design that can not only scans patients in 3D to help provide more information to clinicians, but is also optimized for certain Theranostics procedures. The StarGuide SPECT/CT can help clinicians identify the size, shape, and position of lesions with impressive degree of accuracy and will allow physicians to tailor treatments more effectively. With approximately 4,000 nuclear medicine scans performed annually at the QEII, StarGuide has the potential to enable more patients to be scanned each year, helping to address wait times for diagnostic imaging. The advanced technology allows for more efficient imaging, cutting scan times in half for some patients.

Nuclear medicine touches a variety of care areas at the QEII. The two most common diseases imaged in nuclear medicine are cancer and cardiac disease — the two leading causes of death amongst Atlantic Canadians.

Quick Facts:

The QEII Health Sciences Centre is the first health centre in Canada to acquire a StarGuide SPECT/CT nuclear medicine scanner by GE HealthCare.
StarGuide is a nuclear medicine scanner that provides 3-D imaging quality to detect certain diseases in the body, like cancer and cardiac disease.
The SPECT/CT is equipped with a dozen, extendable detectors in a ring design that closely orbits a patient’s body during their scan. This advanced technology enables the detectors to get as close as possible to the patient, narrowing the imaging field of view for precision.

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