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    The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Pushing boundaries of medical imaging with 10.5 Tesla MR
    Insights from the University of Minnesota's MR research team
    Healthy chillers help ensure healthy MR scanners
    Everything you need to know to stay up to date on refrigerants

    How to get the most life out of your MR coldhead
    Best practices for maintaining a vital component of your MR scanner
    The MR patient experience
    Technologists, effective distractions and advanced MR tech are improving patient comfort
    Forecasting issues before they arise with MR remote monitoring
    A look at the different solutions to keep you ahead of potential problems

    From RF shield to detector choice: Designing a safer MR suite
    There's plenty of factors to consider before a patient even sets foot in the room

    Columns & Sections

    The biomedical services contract checklist

    Cost Containment Corner
    Wesley Reid shares tips for HTM professionals

    Dr. David Hirschorn on NYMIIS 2018

    Exclusive Q&A
    Imaging informatics takes center stage again at the New York symposium

    What will MR look like in ten years?

    Future of Healthcare
    Insights from Michael Friebe, research professor of image-guided therapies at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg Germany

    Q&A with Mark Kimball, CEO of Erlanger Murphy Medical Center

    Hospital Spotlight
    Bringing healthcare access and more primary care physicians to Murphy, North Carolina

    The promise of AI (part 2 of 2)

    IT Matters
    Dr. Luciano Prevedello shares insight he’s gained through the AI lab his radiology department created

    Understanding the MR marketplace

    Purchasing Insights
    Purchasing insights from the expert analysts at MD Buyline

    Tips for extending the life of your coils

    These 8 tips will keep your MR costs down and image quality up

    When it comes to MR coils, the future is printed

    Screen-printed flexible coils could bring major benefits to image acquisition

    Helium supply a risk factor for MR OEMs and operators

    Why the price of helium may be trending higher again