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    The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Rethinking CT in the value-based era
    How premium systems may save your facility money
    Radiation shielding in the era of patient satisfaction
    Making shielded environments less intimidating and more conducive to workflow
    Radiation therapy gets more targeted and personalized
    An overview of new software and equipment innovations

    Get your bearings in a rapidly changing X-ray tube industry
    A market segment that has recently seen a number of shake-ups
    What factors impact the success of a proton therapy facility?
    Treatment is gaining ground all over the world, but not every new facility is a success

    Columns & Sections

    Q&A with Brian Kavanagh ASTRO president

    Exclusive Q&A
    Find out what to expect at this year's meeting and what plans are in place for the coming year

    An exclusive Q&A with Dr. Arnold Pompos, associate professor of radiation oncology at UT Southwestern

    Exclusive Q&A
    Discussing the high potential for heavy ion therapy and what steps need to be taken to further evaluate and understand the potential benefits of the cutting-edge cancer treatment

    The future of radiation therapy: Integrated MR guidance

    Future of Healthcare
    Insights from Joel Goldwein, senior vice president of medical affairs at Elekta

    Gene-editing technology may cure deadly diseases

    Infection Control Corner
    Assessing the game-changing potential of CRISPR

    Purchasing Insights: Service contracts for a CT scanner

    Purchasing Insights
    Insights on one of a hospital's biggest service decisions

    Technology Advisor - Health advocate avatar

    Technology Advisor
    A 'knowledge interface' to mediate between individuals and the world of medical information

    The birth of assisted euthanasia

    This Month in Medical History
    The first legally assisted suicide took place in Australia

    Four-step test can assess resistance of medical plastics to disinfectants

    Don't let the fight against HAIs compromise your capital equipment

    Mastering data in a value-driven health care environment

    Adopting the right analytics to make your data meaningful

    Making the business case for compliance

    Multimillion-dollar noncompliance fines have become almost routine in American health care

    Health care is driving climate action, for community health and the bottom line

    Gary Cohen, co-founder and president of Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth describes a killer more deadly than war, murder and traffic accidents combined

    AHIMA, Information governance: An asset in the value-based care model

    Insights from Ann Meehan, RHIA, director of information governance at AHIMA IGAdvisors

    Cone beam CT technology brings 3-D imaging to physicians’ offices

    A desirable technology for meeting the needs of orthopaedic specialists

    ASTRO Exhibitors

    A few of the companies you'll want to visit with in the ASTRO exhibit hall

    Three ways automation will improve your health care facility

    Eliminating human error yields cost-saving benefits

    ASTRO Product Showcase

    Some of the products and services on display at ASTRO 2017

    Efficiency in the brachytherapy unit leads to patient satisfaction

    How Willis-Knighton utilizes the 'ultimate of conformal therapy'

    Embarking on a proton therapy construction job

    An experienced builder mitigates owner risks

    Access to proton therapy must improve for head and neck cancer patients

    Insights from Dr. Curtis Bryant, assistant professor of radiation oncology at the University of Florida

    The growth of virtual reality in pediatric medicine

    Using VR to reduce pain, discomfort and anxiety