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Recent Technology Advisor Entries:

Technology Advisor - Understanding the healthcare data lake

A central repository to store healthcare data, and only mapping it as needs arise

Patient-generated data is transforming health care

An overview of how better value can be derived from integrating better data

Digital health intelligence finds the patient

Innovation across the globe becomes increasingly mobile, digital, personal and accessible

AI transforming data into health intelligence

The challenge of discovering the value buried beneath so much information

Technology Advisor - Health advocate avatar

A 'knowledge interface' to mediate between individuals and the world of medical information

Health care C-suite’s guide to artificial intelligence

Questions and costs associated with disruptive new technology

Technology Advisor - Robotics in health care

A look at applications where medical robots promise to change care

Technology Advisor - The virtual health assistant

Focusing on one of four ways in which artificial intelligence is disrupting medicine

Technology Advisor – The importance of artificial intelligence in health care

As AI integrates into medicine we will begin to realize its full potential

Technology Advisor: Millennials are the new target

Making way for health professionals fluent in 'digital'

Technology Advisor – Trends shaping medical devices

Global advancements change the health care paradigm

The year of digital health disrupting pharma

Companies are starting to pay technology firms to solve their problems

Technology advisor: road map for increasing hospital market share

Communities require personalized attention and care