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    The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    These new MR features promise to help with the COVID imaging backlog
    A look around the industry at some of the latest and greatest technology entering the MR marketplace
    Scans are down but there’s no off-season for MR cooling
    Maintaining the 'keep cold' components of your scanner
    A better MR experience
    A patient-centric look at bringing greater efficiency and less anxiety to the MR suite

    MR safety evolves as hospitals grapple with COVID-19 and new regulations
    Ferromagnetic detectors and better protocols are making a different in the MR suite

    Columns & Sections

    The future of MR

    Future of Healthcare
    Insights from Dr. Arjen Radder, general manager for MR at Philips

    Maintaining compliance in the HTM department

    HTM Perspectives
    Q&A with Mike Busdicker, clinical engineering system director at Intermountain Healthcare

    Establishing better workflow with an MR dashboard

    Imaging Dept Manager
    How Johns Hopkins implemented an MR dashboard, and what it's meant for them

    Preplanning for pandemic response

    Leadership Matters
    How Northwell Health prepared for the financial challenges of COVID-19

    How new partnerships transform the supply chain

    Supply Chain
    Strategic partnerships and M&A activity can have major consequences for purchasing

    Pandemic or not, MR remote monitoring saves money

    Remote monitoring is an increasingly attractive method for monitoring the health of an MR

    Disinfection protocols for MR coils are more important than ever

    Tips from the experts for keeping your coils in top operating condition

    MRI Product Showcase

    Some of the products and services raising the bar for MR imaging professionals

    Build, repair, and maintain: The ins and outs of RF shielding

    When was the last time you tested the RF shield in your MR suite?