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    The April Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Collaboration is fueling a changing focused ultrasound landscape
    Researchers, clinicians, industry, government and patients all forging partnerships
    Reprocessing: From FDA regulation to best practices
    Done correctly, reusing single-use devices is a boon for hospitals
    Minimizing infections when reprocessing endoscopy equipment
    Health care facilities must maintain patient safety

    Can smart hospital beds replace patient monitors?
    Checking in with the latest and greatest in bed technology
    C-arm sector features new models, improvements in technology
    Flat-panel detectors are driving the market

    Columns & Sections

    Growing your practice through patient financing options

    Cost Containment Corner
    Providing patients with greater financial flexibility is good for business

    Q&A with Kristine Barman, SGNA President

    Exclusive Q&A
    Working with the CDC and FDA has made SGNA stronger

    The future of health care: The need for risk management

    Future of Healthcare
    The pressure of budgetary constraints will continue to increase

    Q&A with Dana Bledsoe, President of Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando

    Hospital Spotlight
    Pediatric patents must not experience a deterioration of access to care

    OR Suite Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    This month's best products in OR Suite

    Hospital Beds Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    This month's best products in hospital beds

    Sterilizers Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    This month's best products in sterilizers

    Endoscopy Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    This month's best products in endoscopy

    C-arms Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    The C-arm products this month

    Technology Advisor: Millennials are the new target

    Technology Advisor
    Making way for health professionals fluent in 'digital'

    This Month in Medical History – Ryan White’s legacy

    This Month in Medical History
    An unlikley case becomes a pioneer in AIDS awareness

    MR-guided focused ultrasound: A game-changing innovation that is redefining surgery

    Dr. Maurice R. Ferré, CEO of INSIGHTEC, explains why he's so optimistic about the future of MRgFUS

    Reducing rejected claims with better patient data processes

    Major changes are on the way for health insurance infrastructure

    Controlling dangerous inflammation during open heart surgery

    The routineness of cardiac surgery belies its great technical complexity

    Intraoperative imaging equipment brings the MR to the OR

    Dr. Walter Hall, a neurosurgeon at SUNY Upstate Medical University, describes the benefits of bringing imaging into the OR

    Adapting to a dynamic market: Operating room buying patterns

    Insights from James Laskaris, senior emerging technology analyst at MD Buyline

    Infection control in the hybrid OR

    The CDC estimates 1.7 million HAIs occur each year in the U.S.

    Unlocking SUD reprocessing savings in your OR

    Stryker's Bill Scott describes green initiatives that can produce significant benefits