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    The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Patient monitors get smarter and more portable
    Reducing adverse events while minimizing alarms and integrating with EMR
    Testing equipment gets modern upgrades, connectivity
    Touch screens and other enhancements make critical devices more user-friendly
    The role of imaging informatics in real world radiology departments
    Tips for raising in the bar in your own imaging facility

    Columns & Sections

    Q&A with Robert Jensen, President and CEO of AAMI

    Exclusive Q&A
    A candid discussion about his first year at the helm of the AAMI, what to expect at the annual meeting and what his priorities are as he embarks on another year

    Q&A with Dr. James Whitfill, incoming chair of SIIM

    Exclusive Q&A
    The imaging informatics expert on the upcoming meeting and the ongoing convergence of imaging and IT

    The future of infusion systems: simplicity, interoperability, and security

    Future of Healthcare
    Insights from George Gray, CTO and VP of research and development for Ivenix

    Q&A with Paul S. Hochenberg, executive director for MidHudson Regional

    Hospital Spotlight
    Discussing the rich history of his hospital and how bringing together the right people has been the facility's greatest asset

    Radiology’s role in quality metrics and value-based care

    IT Matters
    Insights from Dr. Gregory N. Nicola FACR, executive leadership, Hackensack Radiology Group

    Healthcare technology stakeholders convene in Long Beach for AAMI

    The HTM community comes together for its biggest annual event

    May 2018 AAMI Exhibitor Guide

    A few of the top companies you’ll want to visit with

    Planning a better future for OEMs and ISOs

    Can they co-exist and thrive in the Age of Accelerations?

    Keeping hospital data safe must become a top priority

    Reducing the likelihood of a cyber attack and mitigating damage when one takes place

    How passive RFID for asset tracking can improve care delivery

    Insights from the front lines at Northern Westchester Hospital

    Best practices for making the jump to alternative equipment maintenance

    Cybersecurity and data standardization cannot be overstated

    Medical museum: medicine chest

    Another visit to Dr. Blaufox’s Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts

    It’s time to bring patient monitoring into the 21st century

    Why are hospitals still relying on manual spot checks?

    A survey of public access defibrillator functionality

    Often inoperable, but the solution may be more simple than it seems

    AAMI Product Showcase

    A few of the products and services on display at AAMI 2018