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The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

The rules of attraction: safety in the MR environment
From the September issue of HCB News magazine
MR shielding: don’t cut corners
Find out why it does not pay to cut corners with your MR environment
Heat is a formidable enemy in MR and CT chiller design
From the September issue of HCB News magazine

Will fewer MR coils be required in the future?
From the September issue of HCB News magazine
Keeping the cold heart of an MR beating for the long term
From the September issue of HCB News magazine
MR: increasing applications and breakthrough innovations
From the September issue of HCB News magazine


Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Ronald A. DePinho
President of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center talks about making cancer history

IT Matters

IT Matters – Critical test result management
Time management when it comes to managing urgent test results
Preparing for MEDICA: Q&A with Joachim Schafer
Drawing 130,000 visitors from 66 nations, MEDICA is the world's biggest health care trade show
Ten tips on how to get the most life out of your coils
From the September issue of HCB News magazine
The future of health care benefits, cost savings and insurance
How healthcare plans have changed in the wake of the Affordable Care Act
Seven 'must-have' communication skills for health care leaders
Insights from Richard Oliver, CEO of American Sentinel University
Hospital Spotlight – Q&A with Tom Jensen, CEO of Grays Harbor Community Hospital
Find out what makes Grays Harbor Community hospital unique from the CEO, Tom Jensen
Q&A with Dr. David Hirschorn, organizer of NYMIIS
Learn how much NYMIIS has grown and the challenges Dr. David Hirschorn faces
A 19th century woman and pioneer of complex surgery
Dr. Emeline Horton Cleveland helped pave the way for female physicians in a male-dominated profession
Q&A with Waco Hoover, VP and managing director of iHT2
Learn about the upcoming iHT2 show taking place in New York this month
Medical Museum: Dental Pelican
Find out what a dental pelican is used for - here is a's not for pelicans
September Product Showcase
New products for September
Hot tips for coldheads: five industry professionals share their secrets of success
How to protect and extend the life of your coldhead from insiders