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The August Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Prioridades del departamento de la proyección de imagen
Lorna Young, Senior Director, Market Research, IMV Medical Information Division, shares highlights from a major research paper
La historia de la ISO
Parts and service
Los esterilizadores van de alta tecnología
A classic piece of equipment gets updated

Piezas y servicio - la historia completa
Advice and opinions from OEMs, ISOs and providers


Cost Containment Corner

How to save on service and parts
Ed Sloan offers advice and information of the sector

Future Of...

The future of the hospital C-suite with Paul Keckley
Keckley talks about the impact the changing landscape is having on executives

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Lauren Stegman
Talking about the newly opened Palo Verde Cancer Center - Scottsdale

IT Matters

Radiology analytics' insight into other areas of hospital performance
Lessons learned can be a boon to other departments

This Month in Medical History

The father of classic dermatology
This month we feature Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra
August's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Choosing capital maintenance and service contracts
MD Buyline offers tips on key issues to consider
The equipment service relationship - the customer is king...right?
Are you getting the service — and respect — you deserve?
HCBN August 2014 - Medical museum
This month's selection dates back to 1870.
The OEM story
Service and maintenance
The Provider Story
Parts and service
With the right parts, anything is possible
Letter from the editor for August, 2014
Fighting dirty: the war on germs
A look at the latest infection control innovations