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The March Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Addressing the looming shortage of pediatric radiologists
Many factors have contributed to a decline in pediatric radiology fellows in the U.S.
Pediatric pneumonia: will lung ultrasound replace X-ray?
For children across the globe, ultrasound may be a desirable alternative
Is proton therapy out of reach for pediatric patients?
Initiatives and challenges on the road to improving access to life saving treatment


Cost Containment Corner

A modest proposal: Cost containment and the quality of life
Dr. Albert Shar assesses value through the eyes of the patient

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with Scott Warwick, Executive director of NAPT
It's been another big year for proton therapy, here's what to expect at the big annual event

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with Dr. Donald P. Frush; A more personalized approach to pediatric CT exams
How a quantitative method could improve dose optimization when scanning children

Future Of...

PET/MR and the future of pediatric chemotherapy
Dr. Ashok Joseph Theruvath, postdoctoral research fellow in the Molecular Imaging Program at the Stanford School of Medicine discusses promising research for assessing pediatric chemo outcomes

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Dr. David Knoepfler, chief medical officer at Overlake Medical Center
How a unique background for a health care provider has proven a valuable asset

Infection Control Corner

Reducing infections in young patients
There are special considerations to make when ensuring sanitary care for children

IT Matters

The generation gap in physician digital communications
Dr. Bryan Vartabedian on why EHR complaints are likely to diminish over time
Contrast enhanced ultrasound in pediatric patients
An emerging tool that safely provides unique diagnostic insight
The Image Gently Alliance 10 years later: challenges met and the future direction
An update on the organization that pioneered safer imaging for kids
Emerging applications of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in pediatric imaging
How CEUS is improving care at Children's of Philadelphia
Medical Museum: Horn Cup
A trip to Dr. Blaufox’s Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts
Considerations and challenges for pediatric patients in the imaging department
Marketplace insights from the analysts at MD Buyline
Raising the bar in pediatric medicine
Imaging to improve outcomes for the smallest patients at White Memorial Medical Center
Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Automation. Computer vision.
He's why it's time to stop being afraid of theese phrases...
Focused ultrasound is making waves in pediatric medicine
How focused ultrasound is blazing new trails for treating childhood cancers