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por Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | September 05, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

3rd party coil repair Innovatus Imaging
3rd party coil repair
Innovatus Imaging

You know your business inside and out, just like we do MRI coils. Leveraging more than a quarter-century of experience as an MRI coil manufacturer, credited with numerous coil patents, Innovatus Imaging is leading the industry in thirdparty MRI coil repair. With extensive repair capabilities on over 700 coil models and one of the largest loaner inventories, we can bring considerable savings to any budget. Our repairs are designed to fully restore, not only performance, but also appearance maximizing device longevity and ROI.
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We repair MRI Coils, RF amplifiers, Gradient Amplifiers and Injectors.

MIT labs, experts in Multi-Vendor component level repair of: MRI Coils, RF amplifiers, Gradient Amplifiers Contrast Media Injectors. System repairs, sub-assembly repairs, component level repairs, refurbish/calibrate. (305) 470-8013


Hercules MRI-Safe Equipment Suspension Systems AADCO Medical, Inc.
Hercules® MRI-Safe™ Equipment Suspension Systems
AADCO Medical, Inc.

AADCO’s Hercules® Overhead Systems are the industry standard in quality, durability and flexibility. These unique and specialized systems meet the needs and rigors of diagnostic and interventional lab environments. MRI-Safe® equipment systems are specially designed to operate safely in MRI environments to 3 Tesla. All Hercules® systems are precision machined, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is stronger and more durable than steel of equal weight. These systems have no cold welds, or other weak points prone to failure. Multiple Hercules® columns may be mounted on a single ceiling track, or individually fixed mounted. Custom systems and tracks are available to suit a wide variety of needs. Some models are available with internal wiring for powering examination / surgical lamps, and other medium weight devices. AADCO is also a manufacturer of other various innovative equipment and accessory products dedicated to imaging and MRI.
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