Glassbeam to monitor Phantom Healthcare MR systems in India

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | April 05, 2022
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Phantom Healthcare will use Glassbeam Clinsights to monitor its MR systems in India. (Photo courtesy of Glassbeam)
Glassbeam will supply its data and predictive analytics technology to MR systems manufactured by Phantom Healthcare in India.

The company will use Glassbeam Clinsights to monitor MR machines at 100 sites across the country. The deal is the first time that Glassbeam has agreed to supply its technology to an international partner to monitor installations outside of the U.S.

With Glassbeam’s technology, Phantom says it will be better able to reduce costs and increase uptime for providers with high-quality imaging modalities. "Glassbeam solves the most pressing issue for Phantom by reducing support costs and increasing device uptime. The ability to remotely monitor devices in real time, go beyond logs into environmental monitoring, ease of deployment and remote access to devices across modalities and OEMs will make a huge difference for Phantom,” said Brijesh Suneja, managing director at Phantom Healthcare, in a statement.
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Powered by AI and machine learning, Glassbeam Clinsights provides proactive alerts, predictive notifications, prescriptive recommendations and other smart maintenance capabilities. This saves Phantom engineers time and unnecessary traveling.

Back in September, Glassbeam added service analytics functionality to its Clinsights 2.0 model. The solution allows users to fully monitor, manage and take remedial service actions in near real time on radiology equipment. This followed the launch last March of the solution, which is meant to help digitalize machine uptime and utilization

It also automates the collection and analysis of high volumes of complex data from multiple and diverse endpoints, which can allow Phantom to optimize healthcare operations, lower operating expenses and increase access and efficacy in delivering care.

“India is one of the fastest growth markets for medical imaging in the Asia-Pacific region. Glassbeam is fortunate to have its core R&D and Solutions Development center based out of Bangalore, in close proximity to several large customers such as Phantom,” Puneet Pandit, co-founder and CEO at Glassbeam, told HCB News. “This implies faster innovation and time-to market for building new solutions for global markets, leveraging direct customer feedback from Indian customers.”

The company says it also sees opportunities for its technology in other parts of the world beyond the U.S. and India, including in Europe.

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