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Google Cloud highlights new partnerships at RSNA

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 18, 2018
Health IT
Google Cloud elaborated on a medley of new partnerships under its belt last month at the 2018 Radiological Society of North America conference in Chicago.

“We’re providing infrastructure and platforms for those companies to build interesting solutions for their end customers,” Greg Moore, VP Google, Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences, told HCB News. “Our strategy is to let them focus on their core competencies. If it’s a health care system, it’s providing care to patients. We’re focusing on our core competency in providing them with the ability to manage their data and recognize their data while taking care of security in ways that are difficult to do for most folks.”

Its list of new companies includes the following:

  • Ambra Health: Using Google Cloud’s API, Ambra Health Cloud PACS solution for Google Cloud enables researchers to easily de-identify patient medical imaging data at scale to develop insights for research studies.

  • Casa della Salute: Along with Google Cloud Technology Partners O3 Enterprise S.r.l, the Italian network of multi-specialty diagnostic clinics can now securely share large medical files using the Google Cloud Platform and can share all images in mere minutes now, rather than hours.

  • MD.ai: The Google Cloud platform enables MD.ai’s Annotator solution to provide scalable and easily approachable annotation features for data set development, allowing healthcare providers to create higher-quality medical insights for improved patient care.

  • RAD-AID: RAD-AID has embarked on a new endeavor with the Google Cloud Platform called the The RAD-AID Friendship Initiative. Also including Ambra Health and Tribalco, the initiative aims to enhance patient care progression in developing countries and underserved regions through the distribution of radiology and health information technologies.

The company also revealed that it plans to further grow and develop its partnership with Change Healthcare, established at last year's RSNA.

“The data needs in healthcare are growing in ways that they never have before. It’s not clear that you will be able to do everything you need to on-premise anymore,” said Moore. “The machines are so powerful and carry so much data that you need a cloud solution where you can store this data and use it to do meaningful things. Just giving a provider all of the information they need about a patient and having that information available for that provider is key for helping them making the next right decision, whether that be a lab test or imaging test, going forward.”

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