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The future of infusion systems: simplicity, interoperability, and security

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 04, 2018
Health IT Infusion Pumps
From the May 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Gray believes that the advent of AI and cloud technology show promise for the evolution of these devices and may lead to greater ease of administration and a reduction in preventable errors.

“I think when we look in to the future, we will be able to someday put these systems anywhere and have a telemedicine system that reside within the hospital,” he says. “This information, which could originate in the home when the infusion device is pumping, would flow back to the telemedicine systems and onto connected EHRs.”

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Although we aren’t there just yet, Gray points to the way personal devices are already connecting with smartphones as evidence that these capabilities are not so hard to imagine. For now, he believes the best thing hospitals can do to ensure infusion technology is being used safely is to emphasize staff member education on how to use, manage and secure the devices.

As for the new systems entering the market, he expects simplified devices with simplified components to hallmark the next wave of infusion devices. A more intuitive workflow, and a meticulous eye on cybersecurity, will be the top-of-mind priorities for manufacturers over the next few years.

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