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Historias más leídas

1) ICU Medical closing Minnesota facility, leaving about 81 employees jobless

Closure to be completed by December 2024

2) BD recalls infusion pumps due to incompatibility with Cardinal Health syringes

13 injuries, no deaths reported

3) Medtronic rescinds plans to buy insulin patch maker EOFlow over contract violations

Would have integrated it into its diabetes division


Press Room

Veritas Shielding partners with NorthStar for Actinium-225 shielding solutions
May 20, 2024
Radon Medical Imaging announces 5-year medical imaging asset management agreement with Vandalia Health
May 17, 2024
Carestream introduces Image Suite MR 10 software to enhance imaging experience for CR and DR imaging systems
May 17, 2024
KA Imaging's Reveal Mobi Pro gets Canadian medical device license from Health Canada
May 17, 2024
RayCare 2024A interoperable with Varian TrueBeam
May 17, 2024
St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, the largest acute private hospital in Dublin, chooses AGFA HealthCare’s enterprise imaging
May 16, 2024
Varian announces exclusive US distribution agreement with Innova Vascular for new innovative thrombectomy solutions
May 16, 2024
Rapid Medical completes successful ischemic stroke procedures with the world’s first robotic thrombectomy device
May 16, 2024
Butterfly Network enters bladder scanning market with first specialty product, iQ+ Bladder
May 15, 2024
Using MR, engineers have found a way to detect light deep in the brain
May 15, 2024

Infusion Pumps

Fresenius Kabi USA recalls infusion pump
A new software version is being distributed to replace the problematic version
Improving standard of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Care while increasing MRI revenues

Standalone Performance AUROC curve of Bot Image's ProstatID AI Software obtained during clinical studies using retrospective Imaging and Pathology data from various MRI vendors and locations.

Health IT MRI Ultrasound
uCT® ATLAS by United Imaging
Attainable Intelligence, Now Up to 640 Slices
Product Showcase Sponsored
BD finds some BodyGuard infusion pumps at risk for hacking
Pump reconfiguration or disablement may put patient lives at risk
Baxter's Sigma pumps at risk for hacking, data leaks
Vulnerabilities were discovered in April by Rapid7
Three-quarters of infusion pumps vulnerable to cyberattacks
Have one or more of 40 known cybersecurity vulnerabilities
Infusion pumps — a challenging technology or a technology challenge?
Learning about past problems and becoming familiar with common usage errors are essential
Infusion pumps are getting smarter and safer
Smarter and more simple solutions are reducing the risk of dosing errors
Medtronic recalls insulin pump models over cybersecurity risks
Identified 4,000 patients with such pumps in US
Vulnerabilities found in infusion pump firmware
Could enable dose or infusion rate manipulation
Beyond the pump — Interoperable infusion systems
Trends, insights and best practices from ECRI
Reducing extravasations in CT contrast-enhanced IV injections
Tips and best practices for administering better care
Infusion pumps and long-term IV therapy in the home environment
Purchasing insights from the experts at MD Buyline
The future of infusion systems: simplicity, interoperability, and security
Insights from George Gray, CTO and VP of research and development for Ivenix