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Ultrasound Product Showcase

July 15, 2017
From the July 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Toshiba Medical, Aplio i-series

Toshiba Medical
Aplio i-series
The premium Aplio i-series ultrasound platform offers dramatic performance improvements that expand the clinical utility of ultrasound. The Aplio i-series, a highly advanced and scalable ultrasound solution comprised of the Aplio i700, Aplio i800 and Aplio i900, includes iPerformance technologies that allow health care providers to see more. The systems also feature intuitive ergonomics to boost productivity during daily routine and complex exams with iSense.

Toshiba Medical, Xario Platinum Series

Toshiba Medical
Xario Platinum Series
The Xario Platinum Series combines the clinical benefits of high-end ultrasound technology with user-friendly features in a small footprint for fast, accurate exams. Comprised of the Xario 200 Platinum and Xario 100 Platinum, the Xario Platinum Series features Toshiba Medical’s advanced ultrasound technologies, including Precision Imaging, Differential Tissue Harmonics (D-THI) and Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF). The systems also offer a fully customizable console and Toshiba Medical’s iStyle+ Productivity Suite.

Toshiba Medical, Xario 100

Toshiba Medical
Xario 100
The Xario 100 offers physicians a smaller, smarter ultrasound solution for optimal image quality and patient care. The compact, versatile and easy-to-use system is ideal for a wide range of routine and advanced exams in small hospitals, clinics, private offices and imaging centers. The Xario 100 features Toshiba Medical’s advanced ultrasound technologies, including Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) and Differential Tissue Harmonics (D-THI), as well as a largest-in-its-class, 19-inch LCD monitor for displaying high-resolution, high-quality images.

Whale Imaging, Sigma P5 Ultrasound

Whale Imaging
Sigma P5 Ultrasound
The Sigma P5 Ultrasound is a lightweight, portable system that offers an intuitive workflow, superb image quality and long battery life, all in one economic package. Whale's Sigma P5 offers superior imaging for multiple applications, including point-of-care, musculoskeletal, pain management and general imaging. Experience excellent image quality through innovative application-specific algorithms, which can help provide better images and diagnostic clarity.

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