GE HealthCare announces segment realignment, leadership changes

por Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | June 12, 2024
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GE HealthCare has appointed Roland Rott as president and CEO of Imaging and Phil Rackliffe as president and CEO of Ultrasound and Image-Guided Therapies (IGT), effective July 1, 2024.

IGT, currently a $1.6 billion subsegment of Imaging, will be integrated with the Ultrasound segment in the third quarter of 2024. The new combined segment is expected to generate over $5 billion in annual revenue. This strategic alignment aims to streamline clinical usage and enhance business impact by providing precise image guidance across various care settings.

Without IGT, Imaging will remain GE HealthCare’s largest segment, with annual revenue exceeding $8.9 billion. The segment will focus on surgical and interventional solutions, particularly in interventional cardiology and structural heart disease, while maintaining Ultrasound’s leadership in diagnostics.

“Roland and Phil will bring fresh viewpoints, global perspective, and deep industry expertise to our Imaging segment and new Ultrasound and IGT segment," said Peter Arduini, CEO of GE HealthCare. "Elevating leaders who have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, market trends, and our strategic focus will help enable us to accelerate innovation and growth.”

Roland Rott
Roland Rott, who joined GE HealthCare in 2011, has led multiple initiatives within Ultrasound, becoming president and CEO in 2021. He has driven growth through digital and AI innovations, and led acquisitions such as BK Medical and Caption Health. His tenure includes strategic partnerships with entities like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and BARDA, and the development of key products like the LOGIQ E10 Series.

Phil Rackliffe
Phil Rackliffe, who joined GE HealthCare in 2022, has significantly grown IGT's revenue and led the development of new products like Allia Pulse and OmnifyXR. With over two decades of experience in MedTech, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, Phil has a background in public companies including Baxter Healthcare and Boston Scientific, and served as CEO of Centerline Biomedical prior to joining GE HealthCare.

GE HealthCare will provide updated financial results reflecting the segment realignment in its third-quarter 2024 filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

After more than 17 years with the company, GE HealthCare's former imaging CEO, Jan Makela, announced in April that he would be moving on to a CEO position with another organization, which was later revealed to be a hearing aid company, WSAudiology.

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