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uCT® ATLAS by United Imaging

May 20, 2024
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Attainable Intelligence. Simply Masterful. The uCT ATLAS features z-axis coverage up to 16 cm, with an ultra-wide 82 cm bore and a 700 lbs. table weight capacity. It features an integrated uAI Vision 3D camera that enables an AI empowered workflow, offering operational efficiencies that make the most complex exams the simplest to perform. The speed of large area coverage coupled with a 0.25 second gantry rotation makes imaging pediatric and trauma patients easier; the one-beat coronary CT solution allows coronary CTA scans with confidence. Low dose technologies such as 60 kVp scanning capability reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality. uCT ATLAS comes with all available configurations (All-in Configurations™), Software Upgrades for Life™ to keep it modern throughout the entire life of the scanner at no cost with a service contract, and the United Performance Guarantee.

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