Ultrasound Product Showcase

July 15, 2017
From the July 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

EDAN, Acclarix AX8 Compact Ultrasound System

Acclarix AX8 Compact Ultrasound System
The compact Acclarix AX8 features a high fidelity, high channel count architecture for exceptional image uniformity,detail and contrast resolution. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the customizable, gesture-controlled touchscreens allow the user to personalize operation. A sleek, compact design, battery operation, 15” HD tilt-swivel monitor and completely sealed control panel make it ideal for use in any care environment. The progressive Acclarix AX8 has been engineered to easily accommodate upgrades protecting your investment.

EDAN, Acclarix LX8 Ultrasound System

Acclarix LX8 Ultrasound System
Designed to provide versatility, performance and value for general imaging and OB/GYN, the Acclarix LX8 provides best-in-class image quality and an efficient and comfortable scanning experience. A 21” wide-screen HD monitor, automated height adjustment, down lit, retractable keyboard and illuminated transducer connectors are just a few of the thoughtful design elements incorporated into the system. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, customizable touchscreen operation enhances comfort, ergonomics and usability.

Esaote, MyLab Eight eXP

MyLab Eight eXP
With MyLab Eight eXP flagship platform system, Esaote introduces the new eMPowered beamforming to optimize high-density and single-crystal transducers. State-of-the-art visualization with WideView technology for crisp details, deep image contrast and extensive image size. Superb imaging, hemodynamics and tissue stiffness quantification with an extensive package of advanced technologies (QElaXto Shear Wave Elastography, microV advanced hemodynamic for micro-vascularization, CnTITMCEUS, Virtual Navigator fusion imaging).

MyLab Six CrystaLine
MyLab Six CrystaLine high productivity ultrasound system offers high-level image quality in a compact design. 19" wide screen monitor, touch screen and easy workflow. eDesign product to maximize user comfort and diagnostic confidence. Extended transducer range, offering also Hockey Stick High Frequency, Biopsy dedicated convex transducer, Endocavity, Surgery and Laparoscopic transducers. Low power consumption, less energy required, more efficient health care. Advanced technologies available such as VPan and 3-D/4-D.

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