The INFINITT CIS Health Kiosk

June 01, 2024
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Hospitals face the critical challenge of managing staff shortages while investing in technology to mitigate these issues, endeavoring concurrently to reduce diagnostic errors and maintain the highest standards in medicine.

Delve into the enhanced capabilities of the INFINITT CIS Kiosk, a cutting-edge solution crafted to refine health evaluations. This advanced system supports medical professionals by seamlessly capturing and incorporating patient vitals into Electronic Medical Records (EMR), thereby elevating both operational productivity and the caliber of patient care.

Distinctive Features and Benefits:

- Simplified electronic integration of essential health metrics—blood pressure, height, weight, body composition—into EMRs, reducing nursing staff’s administrative burdens.

- Enhanced precision in patient data through decreased manual entry errors comes effortlessly—scan a patient's barcoded bracelet, initiate the assessment, and briskly upload all information to their record within moments.

- Adaptable to various fundamental health measurement tools via multiple interfaces, the kiosk is customized to meet different facility requirements; choose from wall-mounted, standalone, or comprehensive all-in-one formats.

- The kiosk’s versatile display options promote health education and engagement by showcasing instructional videos, facility updates, welcoming messages for guests, and health-related promotional material.

Recognizing the significance of preventative cardiovascular healthcare is crucial and underscores programs like the American Heart Association’s Blood Pressure Recognition Program—a commendable initiative that honors healthcare providers who exemplify outstanding management of hypertension with at least a 70% blood pressure control rate among their patients. Achievements like these are vital in curbing heart attack and stroke incidence across the nation. In order to achieve this gold standard, hospitals and facilities must take blood pressure measurements on a clinically validated automated machine.

Seize the advancement offered by INFINITT Health kiosks to boost your establishment's vital sign management and integration with EMRs. Inform yourself about this revolutionary technology that simplifies vital sign measurement processes and fortifies your pursuit of reputable blood pressure management standards.

Discover how your facility can embark on implementing the INFINITT Healthcare Kiosk today.

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