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A better MR experience

por Valerie Dimond, Contributing Reporter | September 07, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

mri view patient
PDC’s Caring MR Suite also has new features that can push patient satisfaction scores up — and anesthesia/sedation rates down. The wireless portable video display for in-bore viewing is completely cordless, with no cables, and no need for an RF filter or electrician to install. An improved user interface and control system now has a variety of software features, including a new texting feature to give patients and technologists another way to communicate during exams. The software also enables the creation of changeable, gradient color themes.

“There are many gradients that come pre-loaded in the system, but the real beauty is the ability to quickly and easily create custom gradients that can be saved as a standard selection,” said chief sales officer Michael W. Hemmerly. “The new software also has the ability to add a countdown timer overlaid on the video displays, useful for things like breath holds and giving a visualization of how much longer the patient has for the current sequence.”
The CinemaVision audio/video system from Resonance Technology Inc. may be another solution for reducing claustrophobia without the use of sedation, with virtual reality goggles that can change the atmosphere inside the bore.

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“The important part is when the patient is inside the tunnel of the MR and gets anxious and vry frightened,” said sales representative Olivia Shayesteh. “By wearing the virtual reality goggles, the patients are no longer aware of their surroundings. Patients feel as if they are in the movie theater, watching a cinema. All they see is a giant 62-inch screen and enjoy stunning sight and sound experience. Resonance Technology Inc. was the first developer to manufacture video displays which were able to function completely inside the magnet bore.”

Hear, hear!
Taking audio to new level is NeoCoil, a company that has developed cutting-edge wireless technology for use during an MR procedure that, unlike many other MR headset options, works without the use of earplugs. Steven Wolff, radiologist and owner, describes his company’s newest offering, an over-the-ear wireless patient communication and entertainment audio system called Sentinel.

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