RSNA: FUJIFILM announces two major new DR innovations

por Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 29, 2015
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FDR Visionary Suite
FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. broke new ground in digital radiography at this year's RSNA meeting in Chicago. The company unveiled the FDR Visionary Suite, its next generation automatic positioning DR X-ray room suite, and the FDR D-EVO GL DR detector for single exposure long-length digital imaging.

The FDR D-EVO GL detector received FDA 510(k) clearance November 5 and will be available in the U.S. starting in Spring 2016. It's the world's first long-length DR detector with a 17 inch by 49 inch field of views.

FDR D-EVO GL detector

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It's ideal for pediatric patients with scoliosis, wider patients and for patients who need spinal exams. The detector allows for a faster exam, so the patient has to stay still for less time and there is less of a chance of needing repeat exams.

Conventional DR stitching systems require multiple exposures, but FDR D-EVO GL only requires a single exposure acquisition.

The FDR Visionary Suite automates the positioning of the tube head and detector. In addition to saving time, it makes the acquisition more reproducible and consistent.

"The technician can focus more on the patient and make adjustments without leaving the patient's side," Rob Fabrizio, director of marketing and product development of digital X-Ray and women's health at FUJIFILM, told HCB News.

The system also features advanced imaging applications including automated long-length imaging, dual energy subtraction and tomosynthesis. The automated long-length stitching capability captures DR images for whole spine and long leg imaging and acquires up to a 63 inch view in nine seconds.

Dual energy subtraction acquires two rapid exposures at different energy levels to generate three images — traditional, soft and bone views — to differentiate foreign objects, soft tissue and calcified structures.

The tomosynthesis application generates up to 60 image slices in 12 seconds from a single sweep of the X-ray. It can get deeper rendering of the anatomy to clarify small and obscure fractures with less dose and fewer costs than a CT scan.

The FDR Visionary Suite is currently pending FDA 510(k) clearance.

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