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Piezas y servicio - la historia completa

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | November 04, 2014
From the August 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

According to Matthews, Siemens only supplies genuine Siemens certified OEM parts through the company’s Service by Request program, with parts either new or remanufactured. “Remanufactured spare parts are tested with the same rigor to ensure performance is identical to new spare parts,” Matthews says.

When it comes to advice for purchasing parts, Matthews warns buyers to be cautious. “There are several companies and individuals in the market that hunt for used medical device equipment just to recover ,parts and re-sell them,” he says.

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In those cases, it can be difficult to ascertain the provenance of those parts or their life expectancy. “With the pressures on health care providers to ensure patient safety and quality outcomes as conditions for reimbursement, now is not the time to gamble on parts. For confidence and peace of mind, the best option is to obtain parts from the OEM manufacturer,” Matthews says.

As for getting those Siemens certified parts installed, Peter Soltani, senior vice president of Siemens Healthcare customer service touts the company’s Customer Care Center, which is always open. “The Center handles scheduling and implementation of planned maintenance for proactive support, and making remote as well as on-site repairs,” says Soltani.

Siemens has also heavily invested in Customer Service Material Logistics depots across the country. These depots comprise an extensive parts supply system, which enables timely delivery of parts anywhere in the U.S. Meanwhile, via the company’s Integrated Service Management organization, Siemens provides full service solutions for non-Siemens as well as Siemens equipment.

Another option for service needs is Siemens Remote Service, a subscription-based option the company offers. According to Soltani, many customer issues can be resolved with just one phone call without the need for an onsite visit.
Siemens also has the Evolve program. “Evolve enables customers to keep their hardware and software abreast of advances in medical technology with periodic upgrades,” Soltani explains.

While the choices Siemens offers attract quite a few customers, it’s still not for everyone. For those health care professionals, Soltani says they should seek out a strategic partner that will help them to achieve their clinical missions and will be proactive in assisting with the issues regarding patient throughput, safety and satisfaction. Companies doing business strictly on a transactional level might be shortchanging you. “The cost savings you achieve, and the reimbursements you could optimize by finding this type of partner, could yield higher returns than you might expect,” he says.

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