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Piezas y servicio - la historia completa

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | November 04, 2014
From the August 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

There continues to consolidation among ISOs as independent imaging centers and standalone hospitals either close their doors or get absorbed by larger health care systems. With the change, they’re more likely to follow the channels established by the group they join when it comes time to obtain parts and services.

On the OEM front, more and more original equipment manufacturers are offering expanded service options. Some continue to specialize in providing parts and service for only their own products, while others service not only their own products, but those of other manufacturers as well. Most predict the trend will continue as spending remains lighter than usual on new equipment forcing the OEMs to explore other revenue streams. With OEMs more involved in service, more ISOs will likely be purchased by OEMs as manufacturers look to expand service offerings or in order to eliminate competition.

Although there has been increased consolidation among hospitals and ISOs, the market share for service seems to be growing, with a slightly faster rate of growth forthe in-house teams. Biomeds and in-house service engineers are becoming more important to the total service mix in their facilities and are increasingly becoming the first-callpeople for more and more modalities.
For the in-house, even as some facilities put their teams on more modalities, other hospitals continue to look to the OEMs or ISOs, with most having a mix of services.

Hospitals are expected to do more with less in many different areas of operation, so “partnership” was a word that came up often during interviews. With partnerships, parts and service providers are being called on to deliver solutions or guidance for customers rather than just transaction-related interactions.

Many interviewees stressed that the future of the parts and service sector will hinge on relationships, with those having strong skills at building and maintaining relationships being at a marked advantage over others.

If you’re interesting in the ISO option for parts, service or both, please take a look at the Services Directories on the pages that follow this summary. There’s also a special adverting section that follows of DOTmed Gold Parts Vendors if you’re interested in used and refurbished parts for your equipment, especially if that equipment is off warranty.

DOTmed Registered HCBN August 2014 Parts Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.
William Dixon, Advantage Medical Electronics, AL
Robert Koeritz, Alpine Solutions Inc., CA
Anwar Abdelqader, CBE Medical, Inc. , CA
DOTmed Certified
James J. Donoghue, MDLabServices, Inc., CA
John Vano, Radiation Oncology Systems, CA
Steven Kelley, United Medical Instruments, CA
DOTmed Certified
Moshe Alkalay, Hi Tech Int'l Group, FL
DOTmed Certified
David Denholtz, Integrity Medical Systems, Inc., FL
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Randy Cox, MRI Technical Services, Inc., GA
Wes Solmos, Creative Foam Medical Systems, IN
DOTmed Certified
Scott Wasson, Radiology Services LLC, IN
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Michael Zanish, Pro Select Services, MN
Marc Fessler, Independence Cryogenic Engineering, NJ
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Leon Gugel, Metropolis International, NY
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Jim Filer, BioMedtronics Service, OH
David Hurlock, Varian Medical Systems, SC
DOTmed Certified
John Drury, TransAmerican Medical Imaging, UT
John Vandersteen, Technical Prospects, LLC., WI
DOTmed 100
Dan McGuan, Viable Med Services, Inc., CA
Bill Murdock, VIP Medical, Inc., VA
Volodmymr Marevych, Vomark Technologies, Inc., IL
Mike Ghazal, Zetta Medical Technologies, LLC, IL
Michael Feezor, Ultimate Imaging Solutions, TX
Bhavin Bole, UMRi, MO

Mila Heeman, TeledyneDalsa, Netherlands
Guenther Perhofer, Mides, Austria
DOTmed Certified
Ashish Bhavsar, Wave Visions, India
Roberto Otarola, Otarola Ingenieria, Chile
Andrew Hague, CellSonic Ltd, United Arab Emirates
Wolfgang Ackermann, Ackermann Medical Systems GmbH, Germany
Kasper Hyllebjerg Raal, Denmark
Thameen Ansari, Apple Technologies Ltd, UK
Ronen Bechor, ElsMed Ltd & Relaxation Inc, Israel
T. Simons, Hospital Equipment Services BV, Netherlands
Sankar Kamatchi Gnanamani, Germany
Ramakrishna Ch, Man Machine Electronics, India
Aydogan Polat, MEDSSER Medical Services, Germany
Tom Becher, Medtec GmbH Germany,Germany
href="https://www.dotmed.com/services/detail.html?id=223199">Saeed Hashemi, NASS MedImage, Canada
Sadiya Simran, Sid Med Dot Co, India
, India

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