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RSTI (instituto radiológico del entrenamiento del servicio) celebra 20 años de calidad en 2005.

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | March 18, 2004
RSTI provides a Certificate Series(Phases 1,2,3,4) which develops the skills for second level service across multivendor platforms. With the increasing need to be licensed, RSTI offers Lorad/Hologic and RF Room training to address 80 to 85% of your service needs.

The quality of training is recognized by the University of Phoenix through the inclusion of RSTI's training in their Management Degree program.

To find out more, please click on the link below:

RSTI's Multivendor Imaging Service Training

Taken from a conversation with Terry Speth, President of RSTI and from RSTI's website.

Submitted by Michael Johns, DOTmed, Staff Reporter