University Hospitals transforms patient care with Aidoc's AI-enabled solutions across its entire health system

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CLEVELAND, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- University Hospitals (UH) has announced a major advancement in its AI strategy with the deployment of Aidoc's comprehensive AI platform (aiOS™) across 13 of its hospitals and dozens of its outpatient locations. This initiative marks a significant leap forward in leveraging cutting-edge technology for superior patient outcomes.

Driven by a commitment to provide the highest standard of care, UH sought a standardized, hyper-accurate AI platform that could be seamlessly integrated across its network of academic hospitals and outpatient locations. Having utilized AI in various small-scale applications, UH chose to expand its capabilities with Aidoc to empower care teams with the information they need to address some of today's most pressing medical issues.

Patients at UH will benefit from faster diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions such as pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, vertebral compression fracture and pneumothorax. When a patient arrives at a UH facility and undergoes a CT scan for an injury or pain, Aidoc's AI analyzes the scan using its comprehensive algorithms. The technology identifies both expected and unexpected findings, helps physicians prioritize urgent cases and ensures all flagged conditions are reviewed by the care team. Aidoc's AI facilitates communication between the care team to enhance collaboration and speed up treatment.

Key Benefits of Aidoc for University Hospitals

Seamless integration across the entire health network
Immediate access to critical patient information
Expedited care and improved patient outcomes
Access to all 17 FDA-cleared AI algorithms for triage, quantification and care coordination

"Today's care delivery is incredibly complex with numerous moving parts," shared Dr. Donna Plecha, Chair of Radiology at University Hospitals." Aidoc's AI technology assists our radiologists in evaluating various patient images, allowing our clinicians to access precise, actionable data quickly. The AI technology enables our care teams to be more accurate and efficient leading to even more exceptional care for our patients."

The agreement leverages Aidoc's proprietary aiOS™, a groundbreaking platform that addresses common AI implementation challenges such as integrating with existing IT systems, ensuring EHR compatibility, and managing data and reporting. This comprehensive approach ensures that UH can provide leading-edge care while maintaining operational efficiency and clinical excellence.

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