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CSAC-90-DM Air-Cooled Water Chiller by Cold Shot Chillers

September 01, 2023
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CSAC-90-DM Air-Cooled Water Chiller
Our model CSAC-90-DM is an air-cooled water (glycol) chiller. Medical chillers are configured with two independent refrigeration circuits to handle partial heat loads during standby modes. An ECM variable speed condenser fan motor eliminates large head pressure swings and makes it possible to operate the chiller outdoors in ambient air temperatures down to -20° F. A chiller pump is used to recirculate the heat transfer fluid through the tank and evaporator to provide a consistent chilled fluid for your linear accelerator. A dedicated process pump is used to provide proper flow and pressure needed based on the piping layout and the model of linear accelerator used. An onboard PLC monitors the operation of the chiller and will report any errors in a numeric code to the temperature controller LED display. An optional city water back up panel and remote status panel are used to prevent disruption to patient treatment.

Learn more at Cold Shot Chillers and visit us at ASTRO booth 1622.

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