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Siemens targets underserved communities with new 1.5T mobile MR

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 02, 2022
Mobile Imaging MRI
Magnetom Viato.Mobile
Siemens Healthineers has unveiled Magnetom Viato.Mobile, its new 70-cm bore mobile trailer MR scanner.

The solution is designed to easily move from one location to another. It is equipped with the company's latest innovations from its current stationary 1.5T platform, including its BioMatrix Technology; deep-learning image reconstruction technology, Deep Resolve; a new user interface with myExam Companion; and an updated high-performance coil portfolio.

"Many providers of mobile MR and therefore, our customers, benefit from an up-to-date 1.5 Tesla system with all the newest innovations. Companies like, for example, RAYUS bring MR to less densely populated areas, enabled by the mobile configuration. But also, customers renovating their radiology department can close a gap in their services they would have for the time of the renovation by renting a mobile MR," Felix Mueller-Witt, global head of product marketing MRI at Siemens Healthineers, told HCB News.
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The solution can be could be used in screening programs in underserved regions and can be operated remotely with a fixed internet or, if needed, a 4G connection. This allows specialists to perform exams when they are in another location, reducing the number of staff needed on site.

Service technicians can also do the same, taking exactly the right spare part with them when they are called in for maintenance.

Siemens BioMatrix technology leverages AI to personalize exams by taking into account different physiologies and anatomies. Among these features are BioMatrix Sensors for monitoring respiratory and head motion; BioMatrix Tuners for adapting to challenging anatomies such as the head and neck, spine and abdomen; and BioMatrix Interfaces for simplifying how users interact with scanners and patients.

Deep Resolve uses AI to speed up MR exams and raw data-to-image reconstruction, allowing it to generate quality insights for diagnosis while still obtaining fast acquisitions. myExam Companion utilizes AI to guide users of all experience levels through exams, regardless of patient or throughput.

Devices like Magnetom Viato.Mobile are used by several U.S. providers such as Rayus Radiology, which deploys them as part of a mobile configuration for clinics and other diagnostic imaging providers.

“This scanner allows us to offer healthcare providers the latest technology and advancements in MR imaging. It gives us at RAYUS more flexibility to provide our short- and long-term partners with a tailored MR solution — whether it’s a temporary placement during building conversions or a long-term solution,” said Kim Tzoumakas, CEO at RAYUS Radiology, in a statement.

Siemens Healthineers has alsopartnered with AI provider HeartVista and will use its One Click MR software to mix together their individual MR scan sequences into an automated exam protocol designed to enhance the accuracy of cardiac MR.

Additionally, it announced a multiyear Value Partnership with Atrium Health, which will purchase $140 million of the company’s equipment, including advanced imaging technology, radiation oncology and precision endovascular robotics.

The technology will be used to provide better outcomes in rural and underserved areas and improve health equity and economic mobility in Atrium Health’s service region across the southeastern U.S.

The company expects to obtain CE Marking and FDA clearance for Magnetom Viato.Mobile by mid-2023.

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