Philips gets FDA nod for Zenition 90 Motorized mobile C-arm

por HealthCare Business News | June 17, 2024
Mobile Imaging Operating Room
Philips Zenition 90 Motorized mobile C-arm
Royal has announced FDA 510(k) clearance for its Zenition 90 Motorized mobile C-arm, which is tailored for complex vascular needs and a wide range of clinical procedures with high-powered (25 kW) imaging and intuitive motorization, allowing for greater control during procedures.

Automated workflows are a significant feature of the new mobile C-arm, contributing to increased flexibility and independence for clinicians. It is designed to meet complex vascular needs, but also a range of clinical procedures such as cardiac interventions, pain management and urology.

The Zenition 90 Motorized was initially unveiled earlier this year, and followed the launch of the Philips Zenition 30 C-arm. Other C-arm systems in Philips’ Zenition series include the Zenition 50, Zenition 70, and Zenition 10. Philips Zenition systems bring together innovations in image capture and processing, ease-of-use, and versatility, many of which were pioneered on Philips’ image-guided therapy platform Azurion.

The Zenition 90 Motorized allows clinicians to control it from the tableside with user-friendly controls and timesaving features — empowering the clinician with greater flexibility and independence. It delivers state-of-the-art image quality for the most challenging procedures and is designed to meet complex procedural needs.

“During complex procedures, it’s vital to be able to rely on surgical imaging systems. As clinicians navigate their way through challenging anatomy, the priority is to quickly visualize small anatomical details while limiting X-ray dose,” said Mark Stoffels, business leader for Philips Image-Guided Therapy Systems, in a statement. “The new Zenition 90 Motorized empowers medical teams to confidently perform a wide range of interventions while achieving the best possible outcome for their patients.”

As part of Philips' commitment to sustainability, the Zenition 90 Motorized was developed using the company’s EcoDesign process, resulting in a 25% improvement in product life and a 13% increase in power efficiency. The system is also available in a nonmotorized configuration, providing additional options for healthcare providers.

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