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HistoSonics to treat liver cancer with GE ultrasound-guided histotripsy

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 27, 2022
Operating Room Ultrasound
HistoSonics will use GE Healthcare's ultrasound technology to treat liver cancer with its histotripsy Edison platform. (Photo courtesy of HistoSonics)
HistoSonics will pair GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ E10 Series ultrasound platform as a visual guide with its HistoSonics Edison System for applying histotripsy to ablate targeted liver tissue.

Histotripsy utilizes focused ultrasound to noninvasively destroy targeted liver tissue and is the first nonionizing and nonthermal ablation technology guided by real-time imaging. HistoSonics will distribute GE’s LOGIQ E10 Series to provide clinicians with continuous visualization for planning, monitoring and immediate post-treatment verification of procedures.

It also will use both solutions in its U.S. and European #HOPE4LIVER trials to evaluate safe and efficient use of histotripsy for treating primary and metastatic liver tumors. "We've developed a very collaborative relationship with GE Healthcare and look forward to expanding our efforts to realize the full potential of histotripsy across clinical applications, specialties and care settings,” said Josh Stopek, HistoSonics vice president of R&D, in a statement.

Histotripsy preserves critical structures such as the liver capsule and larger vessels by allowing physicians to monitor tissue destruction in real time, according to early clinical and preclinical data. The technique mechanically destroys and liquifies targeted tissues at a subcellular level and creates precise, predictable treatment zones that ensure all areas of the tumor receive equal amounts of treatment.

HistoSonics Edison utilizes advanced imaging and proprietary software to deliver patient-specific treatments with histotripsy. The company will imbue the system with not just GE’s ultrasound imaging technologies but digital infrastructure, data analytics and clinical decision support capabilities. It believes doing so will make histotripsy a viable alternative to surgery, radiation therapy and thermal ablation.

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