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Modular Devices acquires Cardiac Services Mobile

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 11, 2022
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Modular Devices has acquired Cardiac Services Mobile. (Photo courtesy of Modular Devices)
Modular Devices, a provider of mobile cath labs and modular labs, has acquired Cardiac Services Mobile, which also manufactures mobile cath labs for the U.S.

The deal makes Modular Devices the largest mobile company to offer temporary, interim cardiac catheterization, peripheral vascular, electrophysiology, and CT labs. Its mobile labs are used mainly as short-term solutions for two to five months, while its larger modular labs are for more complicated procedures and long-term projects of six to 12 months or more.

Cardiac Services Mobile’s interim cath lab fleet adds nearly 33% capacity to Modular Device’s existing infrastructure, as well as 11 mobile cardiac cath and peripheral vascular imaging units to its fleet of mobile cath, vascular and CT labs. This expands its national reach and is expected to increase efficiency.

In return, Modular Devices will provide the former’s interim cath lab fleet with upgrades for newer digital flat panel detector systems made by GE, Philips and Siemens. “Our acquisition of Cardiac Services Mobile was driven by the desire to better serve the growing demand for interim mobile cardiac cath labs across the U.S. The merger will result in a combined fleet of 40 interim labs serving the cardiac cath, interventional, peripheral vascular and electrophysiology (EP) markets,” Mark Koers, executive vice president of sales and marketing, told HCB News.

The purchase of Cardiac Services Mobile follows an investment made in Modular Devices by O2 Investment Partners, which plans to help Modular Devices expand its market share and product offerings through a series of M&A opportunities.

Modular Devices is headquartered in Indianapolis and offers temporary interim cath, IR, EP and CT labs to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient-based labs of all sizes. Its labs are used often to continue services during imaging lab renovation projects and to expand service lines when no space is available to do so inside a healthcare facility. It also has a clean room division that provides standard and customized pre-certified ISO- and USP-compliant units for lease and for sale to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and manufacturing companies.

Located in Nashville, Cardiac Services Mobile is the only mobile provider that offers new-build custom cardiovascular mobile units instead of ones converted from smaller CT and MR trailers. Equipment in these units has been installed by OEMs, with the X-ray systems “hardened” for over-the-road wear and tear. The X-ray solutions are also FDA approved and recognized by the OEMs as suitable for mobile/modular environments.

“Serving primarily the same interim cath lab market the combination will allow for greater efficiencies across the board. With the two organizations' shared values of quality, value and personal customer service, we anticipate a seamless transition for all Cardiac Services Mobile customers,” said Koers.

Financial details were not disclosed.

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