Esaote launches MyLabX75 ultrasound system

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 04, 2021
Cardiology Ultrasound Women's Health
Esaote's MyLabX75 ultrasound system is designed for general imaging, cardiovascular, women's health and shared service imaging
Esaote has launched MyLabX75, its latest ultrasound system designed to perform all applications in general imaging, cardiovascular, women’s health and shared service imaging.

The solution was unveiled last month during an exclusive streaming event on several platforms, as part of Esaote’s “Exploring the inside” program, which focuses on experience.

“Particularly now that health organizations are under great pressure, ultrasound imaging can give a very important contribution, due to nonionizing radiation, agility, and a point-of-care approach, which ensures accessibility. In this scenario, ease of use and automation are the main drivers for the technology’s adoption,” said Esaote COO Eugenio Biglieri in a statement.

The solution enables users to perform micro-vascularization and doppler imaging to assess tissue vascularization, quantify liver stiffness with QElaxto 2D, and analyze left ventricle function with zero clicks. This results in high-quality images that combine detailed information and image homogeneity to help users make diagnoses quicker. It also has high resolution contrast and smart management of multiple depth zones, along with IQProbe technology, which specialists can use to create spatial resolution from deep to superficial areas.

Along with its strong connectivity, MyLabX75 utilizes BI-RADS and TI-RADS protocols to more easily classify and document specific lesions directly from the touch screen to the report form. In addition, the system is light and agile, ergonomic and silent, productive and eco-friendly,

Esaote also manufactures health IT systems and MR scanners. It recently installed the latest version of the O-scan Elite Dedicated MR at the East Brunswick location of University Radiology.

Esaote did not respond for comment.

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