Testing equipment gets user friendly

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | May 24, 2021
Datrend vPad IV 6 Channel Perspective
From the May 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

More and more, testing devices are resembling consumer electronics, with touchscreen displays, smart automation and scalability. Phantoms used to test imaging equipment are helping to assess image quality and radiation dose, two important factors in the space.

Here’s a look at some of the latest testing equipment on the market.

BC Group International

Over the last year, BC Group International has released their new FSX-1101 SPO2 simulator, a handheld, battery or line-powered device. It has a bright, 2.4-inch color touchscreen that, coupled with an intuitive menu structure, allows easy access and viewing of all setup and function parameters.

“The FSX-1101 is at the top of its class in performance and specifications,” said Ken O’Day, vice president of sales and marketing for BC Group International. “The SPO2 parameter, in percentage, is selectable from six values with 2% accuracy. Heart rate, in beats per minute, is selectable from 10 values with 1% accuracy.”

The FSX-1101 comes with factory presets for testing devices from the most popular manufactures. If a biomed needs to do a more specific evaluation, there is a manual mode that allows individual control over each parameter, only limited by the specific values that are available.

“The FSX-1101’s unique design, allows it to be connected to any BC Biomedical patient or NIBP simulator,” O’Day said. “When connected to one of the simulators, the SPO2 signal is synchronized with the other wave forms and parameters being generated by the simulator. It also has a unique feature allowing the end user to customize the output to improve the accuracy of the simulation. No other comparable product offers this ability or flexibility.”

O’Day added that the FSX-1101 is the only SPO2 simulator on the market with a lifetime warranty.

Datrend Systems Inc.
Datrend Systems has just released vPad-IV, the company’s latest-generation infusion pump analyzer.

The modular, expandable device can be configured between one to six channels, with the device’s footprint based on the number of channels installed. Depending on the number of channels available, the analyzer can conduct up to six preventive maintenance inspections on different infusion devices at the same time.

“Users can start with a single channel today and slowly add more channels as demand increases,” said Owen Liu, director of business development for Datrend Systems. “And when the time comes for service, customers can send in their entire system or individual channels to minimize down time.”

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