Cleveland Clinic, IBM launch joint clinic aimed at speeding up healthcare research

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 31, 2021
Artificial Intelligence Health IT
IBM will install its first private sector, U.S-based, on-premises IBM Quantum System One on the Cleveland Clinic campus to accelerate the pace of healthcare research
Cleveland Clinic and IBM are setting up a joint clinic to harness advanced computational technologies for ramping up the pace of discoveries in healthcare and life sciences.

Called the Discovery Accelerator, the clinic will utilize hybrid cloud, AI and quantum computing to bypass challenges in the research process to find faster methods for addressing health challenges like COVID-19 and to better understand why it leads to ongoing symptoms in some patients. It is the product of a planned 10-year partnership between the two organizations and will be part of the Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health.

“Bottlenecks exist in the steps of data generation, analyses of large data sets, and performing the clinical trials needed to measure effectiveness and safety,” Dr. Lara Jehi, Cleveland Clinic’s chief research information officer, told HCB News.
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Research today takes about 17 years, from the research bench to the patient bedside. The clinic will boost this pace by using new technology to generate, store and quickly assess large data sets in genomics, single cell transcriptomics, population health, clinical applications, and chemical and drug discovery. Carrying out these research efforts will be experts in viral pathogens, virus-induced cancers, genomics, immunology, and infectious diseases.

IBM will install its first private sector, U.S-based, on-premises IBM Quantum System One on Cleveland Clinic’s campus, as well as the first of its next-generation 1,000+ qubit quantum systems at a client facility in Cleveland. Quantum computers like these can test multiple solutions at once and produce answers in a fraction of the time it takes other machines, according to CNN.

“New technologies are enabling accelerated methods of discovery that include deep search(easier to learn what is available in literature), AI and quantum-enriched simulation (better design of clinical trials), generative models (hypothesize drug development), and cloud-based AI-driven autonomous labs (accelerate analyses),” said Jehi.

In addition to research support, the Discovery Accelerator will provide opportunities to educate the workforce about computing technologies and create jobs to grow the economy.

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