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Stryker introduces the first wireless hospital bed

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 20, 2020
Patient Monitors
ProCuity is the first wireless hospital bed
Stryker has launched what it claims is the world's only wireless hospital bed, with the expectation that it can reduce in-hospital patient falls by 50%.

The intelligent bed, called ProCuity, connects to nurse call systems without cables or wires, allowing for improved workflow efficiencies and safety, and lower hospital costs.

"There is no longer a risk that a nurse would forget to plug in the cable — which happens often," a spokesperson for Stryker Medical told HCB News. "Now caregivers can rest easy, knowing they have a reliable connection every time. With Secure Connect, alerts won't be compromised if a cable is left unplugged, as it is communicating wirelessly, helping to reduce the risk of patients getting in and out of bed or falling."
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Between 70,000 and one million patients fall each year while in hospital, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

ProCuity provides wireless compatibility between all bed data, including bed configuration and exit alarm activity, and hospital information systems (HIS); an optional patient-centric clinical dashboard to monitor safe bed configuration and bed exit alarm activity; and three-position Secure Assist ergonomic side rails that enable patients to get in and out of bed easier. An industry-low height of 11.5 inches between the bed and ground enables patients to get in easily.

"It allows hospitals to standardize their fleet - staff will only need to learn how to operate one bed and will see fewer transfers between units, helping to reduce the risk of patient falls and the need to lift patients," said the spokesperson.

ProCuity also tracks weight to alert nurses if a patient is out of position or bed. The iBed Watch System, meanwhile, monitors operational aspects of the bed, such as side rail positioning, to ensure the patient is positioned safely. For ProCuity Z and ZM models, another feature is Zoom Motorized Drive, a motorcycle throttle-like touch handle that deploys the central fifth wheel and comes with one-touch electric brakes.

The ProCuity bed series is designed for all patient acuity levels and is being launched in over 70 countries that span markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia/New Zealand and Asia. Units will begin shipping in the U.S. in January 2021.

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