GE Healthcare to integrate SyMRI's MAGiC Neuro advanced software into its platform

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 05, 2020
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MAGiC Neuro will be available on GE's SIGNA Premier scanner
GE Healthcare will integrate MAGiC Neuro, a quantitative MR solution designed by SyntheticMR, into the SyMRI offering of its MR Smart Subscription platform for unique physiologic information and objective decision support that leverages quantification.

MAGiC was developed for generating multiple contrast-weighted images and parametric maps in a single five minute scan and speeding up imaging workflow. With MAGiC Neuro, the MR Smart Subscription platform will offer tissue volumes, as well as industry-first myelin-correlated volumes.

"SyMRI has deep expertise in quantitative MR, something many of our customers are increasingly needing. And one of the biggest MR pain points is long scan times," Jason Polzin, general manager of global MR applications for GE Healthcare, told HCB News. "MAGiC helps address both of these customer needs. With a single MAGiC scan, clinicians can get multiple image contrasts and PD contrasts of the brain — significantly faster than conventional imaging. MAGiC provides a fully integrated seamless workflow for added efficiency, and added flexibility for retrospective adjustment of image contrast."
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MAGiC Neuro is designed for neuro scanning and has the same acquisition rate as MAGiC, of approximately five to six minutes. It provides additional quantitative analysis over the initial MAGiC offering, allowing GE users to get more value from their MAGiC scans with features such as quantitative relaxometry maps, segmentation, myelin mapping, and normative volumetric capabilities.

A number of reputable companies and healthcare systems have integrated the advanced software solution into their MR operations. For example, SimonMed Imaging, one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and largest physician radiology practices in the United States, recently added the technology in August across its North American imaging sites for enhanced lesion detection and quantitative MR to track myelin development in pediatric patients and patients with multiple sclerosis.

Earlier in the month, Siemens Healthineers announced compatibility of the software with its 1.5T scanners such as MAGNETOM Altea, Sola and Sola Fit, as well as 3T scanners such as MAGNETOM Skyra and Prisma. This followed an FDA announcement that the product was cleared for specific software versions on the scanners.

“The notification from FDA is excellent news for our customers with scanners from Siemens Healthineers,” said Kyle Frye, president SyntheticMR Inc., at the time. “More customers will now have access to our solution, which can help speed up the imaging workflow while providing more information to the clinician. This continues to expand our reach for SyMRI on the US market.”

MAGiC Neuro will be offered as a post-processing application on the MR Smart Subscription platform, providing GE customers more purchasing flexibility as a subscription offering.

It will be compatible with all GE MR systems that have MAGiC.

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