Butterfly Network introduces mobile ultrasound workflow solution

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 24, 2019
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Butterfly Enterprise allows clinicians to review
patient studies from their mobile phones at
the patient's bedside
Butterfly Network has plunged its stake further in the ultrasound industry with the unveiling of a new suite of enterprise tools designed to address workflow and administrative challenges associated with the imaging modality.

Butterfly Enterprise transforms workflow into a mobile set of tasks by enabling users to scan, document, upload and review patient studies right from their phones at a patient’s bedside, and transfer information directly into the EMR from there. It also offers greater security to Butterfly iQ devices and seamlessly integrates point-of-care ultrasound into hospital legacy systems.

“When implementing point-of-care ultrasound, some of the most common pain points are paperwork and disconnected and complex worksheets, monitoring quality assurance and integrating into hospitals' existing systems,” Gioel Molinari, president of Butterfly Network, told HCB News. “For instance, worksheets are cumbersome, taking time away from patient care and often requiring IT support. With Butterfly Enterprise, providers can now pre-fill and complete worksheets all on their phone without ever having to leave a patient's bedside.”
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Many hospitals rely on legacy systems and outdated tools, which are often expensive and difficult to use. Butterfly Enterprise offers workflow and quality assurance tools to ensure physicians consistently capture good images and receive helpful feedback in real time from the rest of their team. It also offers enhanced security features such as SSO, EMM and Fleet Management, even when clinicians are using a third party ultrasound device.

Any medical organization can use the platform, which integrates seamlessly with existing medical systems such as EMRs and PACS. It can be used with traditional cart-based systems as well, freeing hospitals from having to incorporate an entirely new process when integrating other devices.

The need for the tool stems from the introduction, in 2018, of Butterfly iQ, the first ultrasound-on-a-chip-based imaging system that can be plugged into an iPhone and has been adopted by tens of thousands of physicians, EMTs, nurses, physician assistants and other practitioners. The main objective behind Butterfly Enterprise is to provide clinicians with more time for their patients.

“Ultrasound can play a role in every human health condition and the release of Butterfly Enterprise will make it easier for hospitals and doctors to implement point of care ultrasound,” said Molinari. “Entire hospitals and health systems of all sizes will be able to benefit from Butterfly Enterprise.”

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